House Rabbits & Amy Sedaris

Who knew?!  Amy Sedaris has bunnies and is an active supporter of The House Rabbit Society! (thanks Sharon!)

I have a soft spot for rabbits—they were one of the first animals I got to know.  Rabbits are neat creatures with distinct personalities and can make great pets.  Have you ever seen a rabbit binky?  Did you know they can be trained to run agility courses.  It’s called “rabbit hopping”.

Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t educate themselves before getting a rabbit and, as a result, there are lots of bunnies who need homes.  If you’re thinking about adopting a bunny, the House Rabbit Society’s site is an amazingly thorough resource for taking care of your rabbit. They cover everything from litterbox training to toys good for stimulating play to rabbit-proofing your home. There is an informative article on what it’s like to live with a rabbit—it’s definitely not for everyone. There’s also a good FAQ on common health issues for rabbits.

After you adopt your rabbit, check out this post on how to build a nice looking DIY rabbit palace. Your bunny will thank you!