We Like: The Hound Bag

I’ve been looking for a good dog walking bag for a long, long time.  I wanted a bunch of things from it and nothing measured up, until I found the Hound Bag.  This bag was designed by a dog owner who wanted something better and she did a good job.

I wanted:

  • a bag that could hold a fair bit and still be organized & easy to access
  • a comfortable, adjustable shoulder strap
  • able to hold a water bottle
  • a bag that is longer than it is wide, so it sits still when we’re walking quickly
  • made of material that will stand up to wet, soggy weather & stay looking decent

The Hound Bag does all that and more.  It’s quite a cleverly designed bag.

  • the strap is wide enough to not dig into my shoulder & long enough you can loop it to carry the bag like a knapsack
  • the strap doubles as an extra leash, which is great if you’re like me & are constantly finding loose dogs
  • the strap has a very reflective stripe on it for safety (I wear the strap across my chest, so I’m visible front & back)
  • 1 little pocket on the front works as a poop bag dispenser
  • the other little pocket is perfect for training treats
  • there’s another pocket for your phone
  • a strap for your keys or clicker
  • the drink holder can be used to carry a compact umbrella—very handy in the winter here
  • there’s a loop to hold a Chuck-It
  • the bag has an interior, sealable pocket to hold a bag of dog poop so you don’t have to hold it in your hand  (This might work for some people, but I find I don’t use it.  The opening is a little small for a larger dog and I tend to forget things that are out of sight, which means I have left bags of poop in my Hound Bag.  That can be a rude surprise to find at a later date.)
  • the bag has 2 large pockets & a 1/2-size pocket with places for pens

I’m very happy with the bag.  It looks great, dirt just brushes off, and I have no problem using it when I run errands.  I can put a buttload of things in it, even though it’s not a huge bag—wallet, camera, phone, calendar, checkbook, poop bags, chapstick, kleenex, headlamp (for finding poop in the dark), gloves, sunglasses, keys, hand sanitizer, & gum.  It’s also nice to support a small company like Hound Bag. It’s great to deal with a real person who cares about their product and I received excellent customer service when I ordered my bag.  They come in a number of different colors and there’s even a smaller version available.  If you need a good dog walking bag, check them out!