Friday Fun: A Newfie, Planking, & Toe Sucking

Too much cuteness to show you.  First there’s Dethan (pronounced day-ton) the Newfie and his new water bowl.  Be sure to watch for what he was doing 3 mos. ago.  Think he might be a water dog???  Then there’s feline planking.  Lots of people have tried their hand at it, but no one compares to this kitty—he is a master.  I love his giggling people filming him!  And lastly, there’s some serious toe sucking.  So cute it might melt your brain!  And the mew at the end?  You will be toast after watching.  Behold!

Pet Food Recall: Iams ProActive Health

The FDA has announced a recall of canned Iams ProActive Health food for cats and kittens due to insufficient levels of thiamine (B1).  The recall is only for North America and includes:

  • all varieties of ProActive Health canned food in 3 oz & 5.5 oz cans with dated 09/2011 to 06/2012 on the bottom of the can

Cats who only eat ProActive Health food are the ones at risk for thiamine deficiency.

Early signs of thiamine deficiency may include loss of appetite, salivation, vomiting and weight loss. In advanced cases, signs may include ventroflexion (downward curving) of the neck, wobbly gait, falling, circling and seizures. Contact your veterinarian immediately if your cat is displaying any of these signs. If treated promptly, thiamine deficiency is typically reversible.

The FDA says to discard any cans included in the recall and contact Proctor & Gamble for information and refunds.  Call P&G toll-free at 877-340-8826 (Monday – Friday, 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM EST).