Friday Fun: Leela Plays With Apollo

Love this video of very polite play between Leela, a Pariah Dog from India, and Apollo, a Persian cat.  See all those hip checks/butt bumps and the toy offerings from Leela?  What a sweetheart!  Apollo’s patient pats are pretty dear too.

We Like: Brain Twisters Flower Toy

The Brain Twister is a nifty toy from Canine Genius:

  • it’s got a squeaker in each flower
  • it makes a great fetch toy
  • the spiral shape makes it much more interesting—Saffron likes inspecting the whole “stem” and shaking it so it flaps around
  • the inner seam is very well reinforced, so it also makes a great tug-of-war toy, it stretches to 46 in.
  • it also comes in neoprene for a water toy (Note: it appears it’s no longer available in neoprene.)
  • it can be wrapped around your dog’s torso for a game of “how do I get this thing off me”—Saffron loves this game as you can see below

Check out this post on the Plush Leo with Stuffies, also by Canine Genius.