Happy New Year! Finally!!

Wow, sorry for the radio silence!  I wasn’t planning on taking a vacation from the blog when we went to Texas to see my parents and their puppies, Bart & Sadie.  But, those boogers are a lot of work—the puppies, not my parents.  My husband & I spent a lot of time helping my parents with them.  Puppies are hard enough to integrate into your home, but are even harder to cope with when you weren’t planing on getting them in the first place.  Bart & Sadie weren’t doing well when they showed up at my parents’ place a few months ago.  I think Sadie had kept them alive to that point, but they weren’t going to last much longer.  Now they’re fattened up, have gorgeous shiny coats, and are loved to bits by my parents.

I hope you and yours had a wonderful holiday and that the coming year brings you all joy, good health, & prosperity.  My pet resolutions this year are to play more with our cats, put together their new cat tower (I’ll be doing a post on this great cat tower I’m making), finally make Saffron’s rain coat from one I got at a thrift store, and to be consistent about teaching Saffron new tricks.

Here’s what Bart (top) & Sadie looked like the day they showed up dehydrated and hungry.

And here they are now.  Happy, healthy, and so much fun!