Friday Fun: Clever Way To View Mixed Breed Dogs

I get why some people want a pure breed dog, but I think mixed breed dogs are so very much more interesting.  Check out this great campaign the shelter, Territorio de Zaguates, in Costa Rica started to get people to appreciate the incredible uniqueness of mixed breed dogs.  So cool!

We Like: Brothers Of Lucky Search & Rescue

Lucky:MissyI love a happy ending—or in this case, a happy beginning!  Remember the story last year about the female dog left to die on a mountainside in Colorado when her owner abandoned her after she became injured?  Missy, now known as Lucky, has a new home and her rescue spawned the Brothers of Lucky Search & Rescue group made up of the heroes who rescued her.  Don’t miss the 1st-hand account of Lucky’s (Missy) rescue.

The Brothers of Lucky’s mission is to:

  1. Develop and maintain a statewide database of volunteers trained and willing to attempt high alpine canine rescues within the Colorado Rocky Mountains.
  2. Coordinate volunteers, call takers, dispatchers, and other necessary parties interested in order to facilitate high alpine canine rescues.
  3. Develop and maintain a website and social media site which will provide assistance and information relating to the activities of the Corporation to volunteers, rescuers, and the general public.
  4. Conduct community outreach programs to bring awareness to the general public on methods to better safeguard one’s companion prior to embarking a high alpine climb.

I love that they’re doing work to educate people to climb safely with their dogs!  I really hope this spreads to other states and other mountainous regions.

Newark Mayor Booker Helps Freezing Dog

I don’y even care if this was a photo-op.  Mayor Cory Booker rocks for responding personally to the tweets of a tv reporter and her camera man concerning a poor dog sitting on bare concrete in the freezing cold.

If you know of pets not being properly protected from cold weather, please do something.  Try talking to the owners—maybe offer to help find a solution.  If that doesn’t work, let animal control and animal welfare groups know there are pets in danger.  Don’t forget, when temperature drop below freezing, water bowls freeze over unless they’re heated.  So, even if a dog or cat has shelter, it may not have access to water.

If We Can Teach A Whale To Pee In A Cup…


I LOVE Lili Chin’s work over at Doggie Drawing!  She does neato pet portraits and donates a portion of the proceeds to Boston Buddies rescue for Boston Terriers or to the rescue group of your choice.  Sweet!  Lili has illustrated books by very well- respected dog trainers & animal behaviorists, like Sophia Yin.  Equally awesome are her educational posters on dog body language, training, how to pet dogs, etc.

I particularly like this poster on what different wild & domesticated animals have been taught without resorting to force, intimidation, or pain.  If we can teach a whale to pee in a cup, can’t we train our dogs without force, intimidation, or pain?