Friday Fun: Gracie The Dog Greets Returning Soldier

Gracie is so happy to see her “dad’ returning from Afghanistan she just can’t contain it.  So cute!  Gracie’s people are donating proceeds from the ads running to the shelter in Alexandria, Va from where they adopted her.  Read the information about the video—they sound like neat people.

It looks like Gracie’s dad is headed back to Afghanistan tomorrow.  We hope he returns home safely and soon!

Operation Baghdad Pups

The SPCA International has launched Operation Baghdad Pups to bring home the dogs and cats befriended by US soldiers. It’s great to see these animals cared for after they’ve provided comfort and companionship to our soldiers in Iraq. I think the fact that soldiers keep rescuing these needy animals shows just how important they are to moral.

Operation Baghdad Pups has rescued Liberty who was found during a house raid, K-Pot who was found ensnarled in razor wire, and Charlie who was found as a puppy close to death. The program is now working to rescue 13 more animals rescued by US servicemen.