10 Emergency Preparedness Tips You May Not Have Considered

Catster has a terrific list of easy-to-do things that can help your pets get through an emergency and includes several tips I hadn’t considered.  These are three I thought were particularly good.

  • Together Tag registers your pet in a national network  and  allows you to have multiple contacts listed.  This means you can have an out-of-state contact in the event that local calls aren’t going through.  Microchips are still important, but getting access to someone with a scanner may be impossible after a disaster.  The Together Tag is more insurance that you’ll be reunited with your pet.
  • Scan or photograph the labels of your pet’s medication and upload to a photo-sharing site.  Be sure to black out your personal information.
  • Make detailed Emergency Instruction cards for your pets—include information on medications, food, who you want to have custody of your pet if your’re incapacitated or killed—and put the cards in a prominent place like the back of your front door.  Consider one for your wallet, so if something happens to you, emergency responders will know your have animals dependent on you.