Friday Fun: 15 Incredible Rat Tricks

I LOVE this!  Nami and Pepper are very lucky rats to have such a wonderful person, Abby, taking care of them.  I wish all pets were so lucky!  Abby has clicker trained them to do a bunch of tricks—some tricks are pretty lengthy or complex.  The diving for peas trick is awesome.  (Instead of a clicker, Abby, clucks her tongue to mark the behavior she wants from the rats.)  I also love Abby’s DIY props for the different tricks—cute and clever.

Abby and her rats’ relationship is so much richer because of this training.  Her rats have learned to pay closer attention to her and they have much more interesting & stimulating lives than if they just sat in a cage all the time.  And I’m sure Abby has a deeper understanding of her rats since she’s had to think about what they’re capable of and how to communicate with them.  So cool!

Friday Fun: Paige The Border Collie

Paige is awesome!  She’s clearly having a lot of fun and I just love seeing that.  This video reminded me it’s been way to long since I taught Saffron a new trick, so I’m teaching her “Over” and “Under” with clicker training. (To crawl under something and jump over something.)  It is so fun watching her catching on to what I’m asking her to do.  Maybe Paige will inspire you to teach your dog or cat(yea, really!) something new!