Shout Out To Stephan Reiter


PetProject says a big “Thank You!” to Stephan Reiter for his super useful & splendiferous plugin Scissors for WordPress.

I’m not an expert on this stuff, so I’ll describe it in my non-tech way. WordPress lets you resize images after you upload them, but Scissors goes further. It lets you crop images, and when you resize them, it creates a copy of the file at the new, smaller size, which means your page loads faster. Ordinarily you’d have to do all that in Photoshop, etc, and then upload the photo again.
Scissors does this by going back to the original image to get the best quality so it looks good at the larger size.

Not to mention Stephan was responsive and nice about suggestions on making the resizing function integrate so well with the WordPress editor.  And he’s doing this for free.  Cool!

Here is his blog.  Some of the projects he’s worked on.  And papers he’s published.

And to make this unexpectedly pet-related, here’s Stephan’s cat, Bruno, overwhelmed with excitement about the Scissors plugin.