We Like: Tricky Treat Ball

The Tricky Treat Ball is a great way to feed your dog. It’s also a very effective way to keep your dog from bolting his food and risking bloat. And unlike the Brake-Fast Bowl I wrote about previously, the Tricky Treat Ball stimulates your dog’s brain and keeps them entertained. (I also discuss the Twist… Continue Reading

Dog Helmet

These helmets for dogs to provide some protection for dogs on motorcycles or dogs with health issues like epilepsy or blindness. You can even get them customized.

ZeFrank & His Cat, Annie

My Cat Annie is a fun collection of videos of Ze Frank’s cat Annie. I especially like “Stealth” and “Fetish”. He also has a very funny video blog called “The Show With ZeFrank”, which may not be for everyone since it sometimes contains adult topics and language.