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  1. i have a medium size chihuaha do you have small size helmets for my dog.. in pink..

  2. Need a helment where ears are not covered up. During the pacing stage of a seizre the dogs are sometimes blind. The dogs naturally use their ears to touch see with. At least thats what my chihuahua does. And she bumps her little head alot

  3. I just found out this morning that my Chihuahua has a large defect in her skull…leaving a 4mmx4mm hole in her skull. I need to get him some sort of helmet. How do I go about getting one of these?

  4. I am looking for a safety helmet for my pomchi who’s frontal never closed … Where can I purchase one?

  5. My chihuahua mix pup has a large hole on top of his head and a small hole at the back of his head. I need a helmet to help when he has seizures

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