FlexPetz—Shared Dog Ownership

FlexPetz offers time shares in dogs for people who don’t have enough space or time for full-time dog ownership. Members are able to reserve a dog for a certain day, then pick up the dog or have it delivered, and the dog comes with its own “care kit”, including leash, food, bowls, and bed. FlexPetz… Continue Reading

9/11 & Katrina Search-&-Rescue Dog, Jake, Dies

Jake started out an abandoned, injured puppy, but was adopted and trained by Mary Flood to be a search and rescue dog. Jake and Mary searched for survivors in the rubble at the World Trade Center after 9/11 and in the flooded homes in Mississippi after Hurricane Katrina. And he was helping Mary train other… Continue Reading

LOLCATS At I Can Has CheezBurger?

Some Friday fun—lolcats are pictures of cat with funny captions added. And I Can Has A CheezBurger? has compiled a big collection and takes submissions. Find out more about lolcats and other creatures and about the history of I Can has CheezBurger? Here are some of my favorites: