Kandu The Jack Russell Is Rolling Along & Skiing Too

kandu.jpgKandu was born without front legs and his previous owners thought he couldn’t have a good life and needed to be euthanized. But, Kandu’s new family and friends are committed to making sure he can do anything and enjoys a rich life.

First, came the custom wheels that are unlike any I’ve seen before. Then, since they’re in Colorado, it only makes since that they made him a ski for when it snows. Next they’re working on making swimming possible. What a lucky dog! And it shows that some pretty tough obstacles can be overcome when adopting a dog.

Kandu’s prosthetics were developed by Martin Kaufman at OrthoPets. They’ve made some amazing orthotics and prosthetics, including these complex braces for a dog without a scapula and a spring-loaded shoulder brace.

Kandu is now a certified therapy dog with Heeling Friends and visits hospital patients and he has his own site—O,YES!U,KANDU—where you can find out more about Kandu. They have merchandise for sale with all the proceeds going to The Evergreen Animal Protective League, who rescued Kandu, and to Heeling Friends.

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