Crazy 2 Weeks At PetProject

Sorry for the lack of posts.  It’s been a crazy couple of weeks—hit & run to our parked car, our cat Sage was diagnosed with an inexplicable sudden onset of diabetes, and all four furred ones are taking medications to name a few things going on.  But, we’re feeling Spring in the air and that’s… Continue Reading

Dog Tricks & Bark Machine iPhone App.

This iPhone application is a neat idea, but may need some reworking.  The Dog Tricks part of the app. gives you photos to show how to teach your dog a trick or how to prevent behavior you don’t want, like jumping up on guests. Unfortunately, the app. doesn’t always give enough information on how to… Continue Reading

News Bites: Recyling Lab, Oprah

Tubby the Labrador is doing his part.  Tubby helps his owner recycle by hunting down plastic bottles during their daily walks.  It’s estimated he’s collected 26,000 bottles in the last 6 yrs. Sadly, one of Oprah’s newly adopted puppies (Ivan) has died from Parvo and the second puppy (Sadie) seriously ill. You can read more… Continue Reading