DIY: Sweater Patterns For Goats


There may not be a huge need for this, but there also can’t be a ton of patterns for goat sweaters out there either.  Need a sweater for your pet goat or especially your new kid? Fias Co Farm has it covered (ha!).

The people at Fias Co Farm found that their baby goats did better in cold weather when they had their own sweaters.  They also use sweaters for the does after difficult births.  Check out the gallery of these wee kids in their snugly sweaters.

You can find patterns for:

If you have a goat or are thinking about getting one, be sure to look at the extensive section on holistic, humane goat care. It’s specifically for dairy goats, but I’m sure has good information applicable to pet goats.

Animal Cruelty Law & Free Speech


The Supreme Court will hear a case that claims a law banning the sale of videos of animal cruelty infringes on First Amendment Rights.

The specific case to come before the Court is that of Robert J. Stevens, who was sentenced the 37 months in prison for selling videos of dogfights.  It’s not as simple as it sounds, though, because the videos contained dogfights from decades ago or that took place in Japan, where dogfighting seems to be legal.  As the article points out, this means that:

it may well be a crime for an American to sell a video of a bullfight that took place in Spain, where bullfighting is legal, or of hunting or fishing out of season.

Personally, I am unsure of how videos of animal cruelty differs from videos of child pornography or murder.  It sounds like the Supreme Court will likely over-turn the law.

DIY: Cat Hammock


We love Instructables!  Here’s a Do It Yourself project for a cat hammock. The tutorial shows the hammock placed over a radiator (which cats would think divine!), but you could also attach it to a wall.  The tutorial says it could be freestanding, but I’m not sure it won’t tip over if a cat jumped onto it.  If you want it freestanding, I think I might make the stand about 6 inches tall rather than 20 inches.  Also, instead of stitching the hamock onto the frame, I would use velcro so it could be removed to wash.  And you could paint the frame to make it fun.