DIY: Sweater Patterns For Goats


There may not be a huge need for this, but there also can’t be a ton of patterns for goat sweaters out there either.  Need a sweater for your pet goat or especially your new kid? Fias Co Farm has it covered (ha!).

The people at Fias Co Farm found that their baby goats did better in cold weather when they had their own sweaters.  They also use sweaters for the does after difficult births.  Check out the gallery of these wee kids in their snugly sweaters.

You can find patterns for:

If you have a goat or are thinking about getting one, be sure to look at the extensive section on holistic, humane goat care. It’s specifically for dairy goats, but I’m sure has good information applicable to pet goats.

3 Replies to “DIY: Sweater Patterns For Goats”

  1. You can also buy an old sweater from a thrift shop, wash it or boil it in hot water so that it felts, cut off the sleeves and it fits a goat really well. Felted sweaters are even warmer than just knitted ones and if it doesn’t fit perfect, you can cut and sew by hand to any size without it unraveling.

  2. I loved the crochet pattern. The sweater came out perfect and our goat looks adorable and should be a bit warmer. Thank you for sharing.

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