DIY: 2 Easy, No-Sew Cat Toys

Here are two different, super easy DIY cat toys that don’t require any sewing.  The first tutorial is for those colorful felt feathers above. All you need is some wool felt in nice colors, some little jingle bells, and some cord.  Here’s the template for the feathers. And you can watch a video of how to make them.

The second toy is so simple, but could be really cute depending on the little socks you get.  You need some fun socks—I’d go with bright colors or colors of the same hue.  And you need some dried catnip.  Make a funnel out of paper, pour in enough catnip to fill it halfway, and tie the sock in a knot.  That’s it.

If you need it here’s the tutorial. Martha Stewart glues on felt eyes and a mouth with non-toxic glue, but I’d skip that.  They’re just going to fall off anyway and then there will be gross, sticky spots.

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  1. I love the first DIY so much. It’s gorgeous, and honestly, I could do with some more “pretty” cat toys around the house ;).

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