Friday Fun: Wake Up & Feed Me!

An insistent  cat + sleeping guy + camera = Friday Fun.  Right between the eyes—what a little fiend!

10 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Wake Up & Feed Me!

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  5. Hi Jarrid! It’s very true that satan likes to play games with our emotions. It’s easy sometimes to fall into the trap of believing his lies instead of God’s promises. I’m grateful God sees & hears & speaks to my heart. This post is really encouraging to me. I was just writing the other day about Ps.62 & how God is our rock & refuge. Thanks for reminding me again that my strength is in Him… especially when I’m afraid. God bless!

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  7. Una combinación super interesante, a mi me encantan las ciruelas, sean como sean jejejeje Me la apunto! Más besinosAh! que se me olvidabam tengo sorteo en el blog por si te apetece apuntarte :n

  8. Great stuff. It was one thing when the Hollywood process would transmogrify a novel into something it wasn't, but when they make picture books into films, I can't believe anyone is honestly trying to recapture the original.

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