Rescuing Riley The Canyon Puppy

This isn’t really a Friday Fun, but it does have a happy ending.  Three years ago Zak Anderegg found an starving, dehydrated puppy in the bottom of a slot canyon.  It must have been then luckiest day in this poor dog’s life.  Zak staged a rescue on his own and saved Riley-the-puppy’s life.

Zak has just put together a video from that rescue.  It’s hard to imagine that the puppy in the video who was too weak to stand is the same dog you see today.

There’s also a book out about Riley and Zak called Rescuing Riley, Saving Myself: A Man and His Dog’s Struggle to Find Salvation.

Friday Fun: Clever Way To View Mixed Breed Dogs

I get why some people want a pure breed dog, but I think mixed breed dogs are so very much more interesting.  Check out this great campaign the shelter, Territorio de Zaguates, in Costa Rica started to get people to appreciate the incredible uniqueness of mixed breed dogs.  So cool!