Rescuing Riley The Canyon Puppy

This isn’t really a Friday Fun, but it does have a happy ending.  Three years ago Zak Anderegg found an starving, dehydrated puppy in the bottom of a slot canyon.  It must have been then luckiest day in this poor dog’s life.  Zak staged a rescue on his own and saved Riley-the-puppy’s life.

Zak has just put together a video from that rescue.  It’s hard to imagine that the puppy in the video who was too weak to stand is the same dog you see today.

There’s also a book out about Riley and Zak called Rescuing Riley, Saving Myself: A Man and His Dog’s Struggle to Find Salvation.

5 Replies to “Rescuing Riley The Canyon Puppy”

  1. I have worked most of my life in animal rescue and left UK in 1985 to live
    in Southern Spain but have never seen such a rescue and cried all the way
    through but thank God for people like Zac. I am sending it to hundreds of my
    friends and contacts and asking them all to buy the book. I shall buy it for
    Christmas presents for all my friends.
    Helped me get through a bad day!!!

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