Megaesophagus & The Bailey Chair

I get so many visitors to the site looking for information on Megaesophagus & Bailey Chairs, I’m updating the post. If your dog has just been diagnosed, I want you to know there are lots of people out there who are dealing with the same thing and want to share what they’ve learned.

I recommend joining the Yahoo megaesophagus group—they’re active, responsive, & helpful.  Look under “Files” for years worth of invaluable information on everything to do with megaeshophagus.  There is now a Facebook support group for megaesophagus which is also active & growing.

Megaesophagus is a condition in which a dog’s esophagus is enlarged to the point that food remains in the esophagus and never makes it down to the stomach and is instead regurgitated. The muscle contraction and relaxation that normally takes place to move food down to the stomach doesn’t work. Megaesophagus can be present since birth or can develop in adult dogs. If left untreated, it can cause a range of problems, including starvation and aspiration pneumonia.

  • The Mar Vista Vet site has a crash course on megaesophagus, including:
    • how regurgitation differs from vomiting
    • x-rays comparing a normal esophagus to a megaesophagus
    • interactive videos demonstrating megaesophagus
    • plus information on cause, diagnosis, & treatment

The Bailey Chair was designed by, Donna & Joe Koch, the owners of a dog (Bailey) diagnosed with megaesophagus. The dog sits in a “begging” position to eat, drink, or take medication and gravity does the work to bring what’s ingested to the stomach. There are a few ways you can acquire a Bailey Chair:

  • The creators will send you a DVD or video of instructions for building your own Bailey Chair for $6.00 to cover costs. Send email to to inquire about the address.  (Find out more in the Yahoo Megaesophagus Group.)

This “highchair” for dogs can be made of different materials and in different sizes to accommodate small and large dogs.
smallbaileychair.jpg largebaileychair.jpg

With proper eating position, diet, and medication, these dogs can have almost normal lives. Like Roxie, Rocket, Jasmine, Mattie, Diyoji, and in particular Tobin, whose caretakers’ describe their trials, errors, and successes in ongoing journal entries.

217 thoughts on “Megaesophagus & The Bailey Chair

  1. I have a large Bailey chair I’d like to donate along with in inflatable collar (to sleep in). Near Denver Colorado

  2. Hi! Do you still have that Bailey’s chair? Our pup has just been diagnosed. How could we contact you? Thank you.

  3. our dog has just been diognosed and we are told that she needs a baily chair we live in lockwood ny. is your chair still availible. if so can you see what the shipping cost would be , we are very interested, thank you our dog is a german sharpard and is about 80 lbs, she is just a year old. let us know and thanks again

  4. I have a black lab that is a retired USMC war dog – he was a bomb dog and injured during 3 tours of Afganistan. . He now polyarthritis and has now come down with megaesophagus. Does anyone know of a Bailey chair that they would donate to this veteran. He weighs 80 lbs and I would pay for the shipping cost. We live in Tulsa, OK.

  5. Does anyone have a “Bailey’s Chair they would like to donate. I have a friend on FB who needs one for her dog, Calamity Jane. She was just diagnosed with mega esophgus. We live in Franklin, NC.

    Thank you and God bless!


  6. I have a Great Dane with Mega and in need of a Bailey chair for her. she is 3 years old and want to keep her alive? when born we did use all kinds of ways to feed her and keep her up right then she was fine after awhile now she is spitting her food up again and a bailey chair is needed for her if anyone can help please contact me at I live in upstate NY Thank You!

  7. I have a 4 yr old, 65 lb German Shepherd who has just been diagnosed with mega e. I am doing all the research and heard of the bailey chair from my Vet. Does anyone have a chair they could donate? We are near Tampa Fl.
    my email is

  8. I have a 8 week old puppy that has mega. We hold him right now but would like to get him trained in a baily chair. Anyone in the davenport iowa area with one to sell would be forever greatful. Contact cyndi billings at 1 563 289 3079.

  9. Hi, we have an english bulldog, Rudy, who has mega. He is 7 months old and getting way to heavy and active to hold up to eat. If anyone has a chair they don’t need or would like to sell we would be interested. Thank you so much!

  10. I have a Baily chair to donate that is for a medium sized dog (55-70 lbs) never been used my Pit Bull was too scared of it. Her MegaE was due to an allergy to whole proteins and is now back to normal (so grateful). Would love to help someone out with a very nice, hand-crafted chair my brother made who builds furniture. It is white with grey padding inside and an attached tray for food bowl. Cute rustic add ons for style. I live in San Diego, CA.

  11. Melissa- I am in Northern CA and just got a German Shepherd 1 year old who was diagnosed yesterday. I would love to get your chair. I can drive down to get it in a few weeks. If it is still available would you contact me at She is a 50 pound dog when she is well I am told, but now is just 39. I believe that would be mid size even when she reaches 50.

  12. Red Stick German Shepherd Rescue received a donation of a Bailey Chair. Oskar is doing great!

  13. My 10 yr old 16 lb. mini poodle Dave recently developed megaeosophagus. We have been spoon feeding him for a while to slow down his gulping down food. A CT scan finally diagnosed him. We will be building his Bailey chair ourselves, just getting ideas for ensuring his comfort while sitting inside it. Looks like good idea to give it a wipe clean surface. Looking for construction plans. Any ideas?

  14. we have a sweet 2 year old waterdog newly diagnosed with MG and ME, I cant afford a new chair, but would love to buy one used or get one free. Our pup weighs about 35 lb.

    also, Melissa in San Diego…how did you find out about your dog’s allergies?

  15. I have a wonderful 7 year old black lab just diagnosed with ME. She weighs a75-80 pounds. Need info .where I can buy a Bailey chair and any info. regarding water dispensing when we are away from her for work. Please help.

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