DIY: 6 Dog Coats & Sweaters Round-Up

cardigancoat copy

Last week’s post on the DIY Dog Rain Coat got me to thinking about all the other DIY dog coats & sweaters I’ve written about.  Here are a bunch of tutorials on how to make your dog her own coat—everything from upcycling to sewing to knitting to even weaving. Cardigan Coat     Dog Raincoat… Continue Reading

DIY: Rat Condos From Ikea Furniture


People are so clever!  Today I bring you 4 easy DIY rat condos,cages or hutches from modified Ikea furniture.  You can, of course, use other furniture too and these homes will also work for other small pets with some possible adjustments. If you don’t already own something that would work for these condos, you still… Continue Reading

DIY: Cardboard Cat Rocket


Too cute!  I’ve made cat houses out of cardboard, but nothing as nifty as this.  Check out the superb cardboard rocket tutorial at Craftzine from Haley Pierson-Cox, who has her own site, The Zen of Making full of DIY goodness.  There are even carpet squares for each level.  Haley uses actual screws and nuts to hold… Continue Reading

Earth Day!


Hey, Earth Day snuck up on me—it’s this Sunday!  Be sure to check out the multitude of DIY projects on the DIY archive pages and last year’s post on Earth Day.

DIY: Rope Dog Toys Round-Up


Rope toys can make great tug toys for dogs who are heavy chewers.  Since they have some heft to them, rope toys make good toss toys too.  They’re durable and can be pretty colorful.  To make these rope toys, you can buy new rope, use scrap rope, or you can upcycle retired climbing rope—ask at… Continue Reading