10 Things Not To Do In Vet’s Waiting Room

Excellent advice on 10 things for safe and courteous behavior in your vet’s waiting room. I think my favorite is keep your dog leashed and under your control—no retractable leashes.  Vet clinics are places of stress and fear, not to mention being populated with sick and injured animals, so it pays to be alert.

What Happens When Vets Make Mistakes

Interesting and disturbing article on how little recourse you have in the U.S. if your veterinarian commits malpractice. Bad vets may just get a slap on the hand, if that, from your state veterinarian board.  And you might be surprised what the courts consider to be the value of your pet.  According to the Animal… Continue Reading

$20 Vouchers For Veterinary Care

Visits to veterinarians are down, but preventative care is important for our pets just like it is for us.  To help pet owners, Bayer Animal Health is offering downloadable $20 vouchers for vet care as part of their Help Your Pet, Get To The Vet campaign.  (The campaign will undoubtedly drum up some business for… Continue Reading