What Happens When Vets Make Mistakes

Interesting and disturbing article on how little recourse you have in the U.S. if your veterinarian commits malpractice.

Bad vets may just get a slap on the hand, if that, from your state veterinarian board.  And you might be surprised what the courts consider to be the value of your pet.  According to the Animal Legal Defense Fund, your 10 yr. old mixed-breed dog is valued under $100, because they’re only considered property.  (via Animal Law Blog)

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  1. May I add that in Canada, here in Ontario, it is the same. Vets don’t give you the information you require. they hide facts, such as the fact that a cat I rescued and took to Bayview Mall Vet Clnic, Eric Ginsberg, was FIV positive. The next vet I went to did not tell me either. In the end, no vet would treat my FIV positive cat and he died. Vets have fires at their clinics, due to dirty, unsafe areas and have their boarded animals die in fires, and they are still practising. It is very wrong. you can go right to the top to complain and the vets will still be at their offices with their rude attitudes and money hungry way of operating the clinics. Very sad and it must change. Vets in my area want to charge 68.00 for a microchip, plus 105.00 for a check- up first. Is it any wonder their are so many homeless animals and strays?

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