Lockable Leash

RuffWear has introduced a lockable leash to keep your dog safe on the sidewalk while you’re inside a store shopping. In addition to the lock, the leash has two steel cables running through it so the leash can’t just be cut. It looks and works like an ordinary leash until you use the clever locking system.

I’ve been reluctant to leave my dog, Saffron, tied up outside stores while I pop in to shop because it would kill me if someone took her. And that’s not that far fetched–I’m not the only one who thinks Saffron’s the most beautiful, obedient, sweetest, wonderful dog–she gets a ton of attention when we’re out. Plus, I’ve seen news stories where people have had their dog stolen while they were inside a store. I’d feel safer leaving her for a short time outside a store using this leash.

Recycled Dog Poop

Turns out there’s a lot of dog doo in San Francisco. Almost as much dog poop is collected as baby diapers from homes there. So, in line with the city’s efforts to recycle as much as possible, the company that collects San Francisco’s waste (Norcal Waste Systems) is looking to recycle dog poop too. Poop picked up in biodegradable bags and disposed of at Duboce Park will be the first to be recycled. It will then be mixed with food waste and put into an anaerobic digester. Bacteria will break down the waste and in turn emit methane which will be used for fuel. They hope to collect dog doo and cat poo from households eventually. (from The Economist.)

Toronto is facing a similar problem—check out the post.