We Like: IKEA Kid’s Tent

ikeadogtent.jpg I love being able to repurpose something and save money. And the IKEA kid’s tent, Korall Anemon makes a great collapsible dog tent. We took Saffron camping for the first time this year. She loves it, but does show some stress about how we’re living outside. For instance, we really have to work to get her to go potty, I think because she’s not as clear about where it’s okay to do that if we’re living outside. She is also alert and on watch most of the time when we’re hanging around the campsite and has a hard time relaxing.

ikeadogtentcollapsed.jpgSo, I wanted to try a collapsible crate or tent to see if having a sheltered space to lounge would help Saffron chill out, but they aren’t cheap. And who knows if it will work. Then I see this dog tent disguised as a kid’s tent at IKEA. Problem solved for $14.99.

By the way, this isn’t for Saffron to spend the night in. She sleeps with us in our tent where we can make sure she’s safe & sound and where she can keep us warm.

Animal Rescue Work Continues In New Orleans


(photo courtesy of Editor B who is blogging about rebuilding a life in New Orleans at b.rox: Life In The Flood Zone. It’s a good read about the ordinary and extraordinary in New Orleans today.)

It’s been two years since Hurricane Katrina and the work of caring for animals still in New Orleans is still going on. Because it’s warm year round, it’s also kitten season year round and there are now 4th generation cats on the streets. The rubble left behind is now home to skittish, desperate dogs. Feeding, watering, trapping, and rescuing are still a concern two years later.

The Louisiana SPCA (LA/SPCA) lost its shelter, 80% of its staff and its entire infrastructure in Hurricane Katrina. Today the LA/SPCA has rebuilt their animal rescue & care facility after working 17 months out of a temporary warehouse. They still need donations to restart their public low-cost veterinary care center and have long range plans to open a training facility and a doggy day car/boarding facility to provide care for animals and earn income for the organization. You can donate here.

Animal Rescue New Orleans (ARNO) is also working to help the animals devastated by Hurricane Katrina. (Note: As of this writing, ARNO has applied for, but has not been granted 501(c)(3) charity status, so donations are not deductible on federal income tax yet. I’m waiting to hear back from ARNO on this.) ARNO is feeding and watering cats and dogs across the city, helping residents left destitute care for their pets, spaying/neutering feral cats, and running a shelter. You can donate here.

All of Hurricane Katrina’s victims need to be remembered and helped.

66 People Sickened By Salmonella Strain Linked To Dog Food

A salmonella outbreak going back 18 months affecting 66 people across 18 states is the same strain found in recalled Krasdale Gravy dry dog food and Red Flannel adult dry dog food. The specific lots recalled are found here.

Both dogs and cats can get Salmonellosis with symptoms of lethargy, diarrhea, abdominal pain, and fever. Humans are at risk of infection and the CDC has information on the signs and treatment of Salmonellosis in humans.

There is a very well maintained list of safe (not part of the previous huge recall) pet foods at PetSitUSA.com. I strongly encourage you to check it out.

You can find out much more on previous recalls on my Pet Food Recall Archive Page.