We Like: IKEA Kid’s Tent

ikeadogtent.jpg I love being able to repurpose something and save money. And the IKEA kid’s tent, Korall Anemon makes a great collapsible dog tent. We took Saffron camping for the first time this year. She loves it, but does show some stress about how we’re living outside. For instance, we really have to work to get her to go potty, I think because she’s not as clear about where it’s okay to do that if we’re living outside. She is also alert and on watch most of the time when we’re hanging around the campsite and has a hard time relaxing.

ikeadogtentcollapsed.jpgSo, I wanted to try a collapsible crate or tent to see if having a sheltered space to lounge would help Saffron chill out, but they aren’t cheap. And who knows if it will work. Then I see this dog tent disguised as a kid’s tent at IKEA. Problem solved for $14.99.

By the way, this isn’t for Saffron to spend the night in. She sleeps with us in our tent where we can make sure she’s safe & sound and where she can keep us warm.

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  1. If you had a red Thermos PopTent, Saffron and you could use the same tent all of the time. It stands up very well in high winds, but the color might better have been green as it is hard on the eyes when the sun comes up in the morning and shoots *red* into sleepy eyes! Laura Besserman would weigh in on the green-side as well. Live and learn/live to tell.

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