Lost Parrot Recites Name & Address For Happy Reunion


Yosuke the grey parrot has some clever owners who had been teaching him to say his name and address in case he ever got lost. Well, the parrot escaped his cage and was eventually found by police. But, Yosuke didn’t reveal his talent until the police took him to a vet. It was at the vet’s office, Yosuke began singing childrens songs and saying his name and address. The police checked the address and sure enough, it was Yosuke’s home.

Modern Bent Plywood Cat Scratcher


florscratcher3.gifVery clever design here! This cat scratcher by moderncritter comes with two carpet tiles by Flor (not your typical carpet tile) that can be replaced when worn out. If the standard Terra colors don’t work in your home, you can special order from Flor and come up with something really striking or something that will blend into the background. Remember to consider whether your cat prefers looped carpet or cut pile. Moderncritter recommends looped pile if you aren’t sure.

florscratcher.gifThe plywood is finished in a walnut veneer and the carpet is attached to the plywood base with heavy-duty velcro making it easy to swap out new tiles. The scratcher can be deployed several ways. You can hang it on the wall creating a shelf. You can lean it against the wall or lay it on the ground depending on what you and your cat prefer.

(via apartmenttherapy.com)

Friday Fun: American Bulldog “Yodeling” Upside Down

We have a soft spot for American Bulldogs because one of the first dogs Saffron was friends with was Ollie. He did so much to boost her confidence that we love him bunches. Ollie is such a dude of a dog, but he also has a good dose of goosiness in him that is hysterical to see in such a regal boy. Looks like he’s not the only one with a silly streak.

Check out Redbull chatting upside down. He gets a funny lilt in his voice near the end. Silly boy!

DIY: Body-Sock Alternative To Elizabethan Cone


We and our pets know those Elizabethan or lampshade collars are the pits. Here’s a handy do-it-yourself alternative for protecting an incision or wound site on your pet’s torso from Instructables. You’ll find good instructions for making a body sock or “cat jacket” out of an old t-shirt.

This could also be used on dogs, rabbits, ferrets, etc. It might not be enough to stop an obsessive pet from messing with their stitches, but I think it would work with a lot of pets. A side benefit could be that wearing this body sock might help curtail their activity, which is another post-surgery need. Try it out!

Check out these other alternatives to Elizabethan collars: