DIY: Slingshot Ball For Dogs

Check out this tutorial on how to make your own slingshot ball for your dog or for a gift. The cheapest store-bought version, like the Go-Frr Ball, that I can find is $8.00.  You could probably make eight DIY slingshot balls for the same amount.

You’ll need some rubber balls—I’ve seen multi-packs in toy stores or you could check a dollar store—and you’ll need some surgical tubing, which you can get at many hardware stores.  For tools, you’ll need a drill and a wire coathanger.  A batch of these would make a nice gift.

DIY: Knit A Better Mouse Toy

Belt tightening because of the economy doesn’t mean your holiday has to blow.  Think about making gifts for your friend’s & family’s pets.  In the days to come, I’ll be posting lots of ideas on DIY pet gifts that range from easy ones to the more involved.

Instructables comes through again with a detailed tutorial on how to knit a cute and safe little mouse for your kitty.  You can use up scrap yarn.  Or as MaggieBelize says:

Next time you have to knit a gauge swatch for felting, just knit a tail onto it as I describe here. When you’ve finished felting & measuring for your project, recycle the gauge swatch into an instant catnip mouse toy!

She even includes instructions of how to felt your mouse.  Cool!