Friday Fun: DIY Papercraft Cat With Cone Collar

papercatwithconePoor kitty!  Never had a cat who had to wear an Elizabethan/lampshade/cone collar?  Bryan over at PaperFoldables has made it possible for you to print and put together your very own.  Will provide hours of entertainment! (Bryan also has a papercraft version of Michael Jackson’s red, leather coat in honor of his passing.)

Download and print the pieces for your kitty with a cone collar.  Cut him out and stick him together with some good double-sticky tape.

You can find out more about alternatives to real Elizabethan collars on this archive page.

And see more papercraft projects on this archive page.

Karen Pryor On Good Morning America

clickerKaren Pryor will be on GMA Tuesday the 16th between 8:30am-9am demonstrating clicker training and promoting her new book, Reaching The Animal Mind.

Clicker Training is a force-free, non-coercive way to train your pets (cats too).  In the training stage, it relies on using a “clicker” to specifically mark the behavior you want—sit, down, etc.  Karen Pryor was an early adopter of clicker training with pets and has popularized it with a number of excellent books.

Puppy Survives Being Flushed Down The Loo

Dyno, a 1 week old Cocker Spaniel puppy, was rescued from a sewage pipe after accidentally being flushed down a toilet in England. How does a puppy get accidentally flushed?  It can happen when a 4 yr. old child has unsupervised access to a puppy and tries to give it a bath.  The local plumbing company was critical in the rescue using a camera to locate the puppy 20 yards from the house.  They then prodded the soggy pup down the pipe to a manhole where he was pulled the safety.  Little Dyno was named after the plumbing company, Dyno Rod.