Fish Pops

mulletHere’s a cold summer treat for your dog.  A whole frozen raw fish to gnaw on.  We get packages of 6-8 fish(mullet, smelt, etc.) about 6 inches long at a nearby asian market for about $3.50.  Saffron loves them and can hardly sit still when she sees me getting one for her.

I rinse it off first so it doesn’t stick to her tongue.  Since it’s frozen, it lasts a bit longer.  Yummy!

We Like: Buddy Wash Shampoo

buddywashWhen we first adopted Saffron, she had a light case of mange.  And she has an immunoglobulin A deficiency, which can cause sensitive skin and allergies.  She also always used to come home from the dog park covered in dog spit and ground in dirt from spending much of the time being mouthed by more assertive dogs and constantly rolling submissively.

We needed a shampoo that was mild enough to not bother her skin and effective enough to get all that spitty dirt out of her fur.  And you know how tenacious dog saliva is.  Buddy Wash Shampoo totally does the trick.  And it smells great.  (They do seem to have reformulated the fragrance, though, and I preferred the older version.)

Buddy Wash doesn’t contain surfactants/foaming agents like Sodium Lauryl Sulfate or Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate which are frequently found in shampoos and can cause skin irritation.  Saffron’s fur feels and smells great after a bath and never feels stripped or dry.

I use the Lavender & Mint scent, but their other scents, Rosemary & Mint and Green Tea & Bergamot, sound nice too.  We pay about $7-8 for a bottle at our local pet supply store.  They also make conditioner and spritzer.

Lucky The Cat Falls 26 Stories & Lives

Cats are such amazing creatures, but there not always this lucky.  Lucky the cat fell 26 stories and survived.  It started when he got into a room with an open window and squeezed out onto the ledge.  Window washers on a nearby building spotted him and snapped 3 pictures—Lucky on the ledge, Lucky falling, and Lucky walking around on the balcony 26 floors down.  Wow!

Cats don’t have good judgment about heights and they can & do fall.  It’s common enough to have a name—High-Rise Syndrome.