Iraqi Dog Reunited With Family After Bombing

LizaIraqiDogI find that sometimes I really distance myself from some of the things going on in the world.  I think it’s one of the ways we cope.  For instance, part of me hears about the suicide bombings in Baghdad this week and thinks, “Well, that’s what it’s like in a war-torn country.  People get killed.  Life is dangerous and uncertain, but that’s just how it is over there.”  But sometimes, I’m brought up short and am reminded that most of us, no matter where we live, are just regular people trying to do our best for ourselves and our families.  We want our loved ones to be happy, we like to laugh with our friends, we want our children to be safe, and our families, including our animals, are the center of our lives.  This is one of those stories that reminds me of just how similar we all are.

All the news stories I’ve seen about Iraqi dogs are ones where U.S. & U.K. soldiers are bringing them to the States or the U.K., like Nubs and Maj. Brian Dennis. But, this story is about an Iraqi family and their dog. On Tuesday, Baghdad was attacked by multiple bombings that killed 127 people.  In Farouq Omar Muhei’s neighborhood, an ambulance packed with explosives leveled homes, including his.  Muhei’s family was believed to dead, but only Muhei and his son were home at the time and they survived & were being treated at a clinic.  In the meantime, his neighbors had spotted Muhei’s dog, Liza chained to a railing in the middle of the rubble, but, it was too dangerous for anyone to climb out there to get her.  The next day, neighbors were surprised when Muhei and his son arrived to get Liza.  Muhei’s brother was the one who crawled out onto the rubble because he was the only one with sturdy shoes.  He carried a nervous, but happy Liza back to Muhei making their family complete again.

DIY For The Holidays

You’ve probably noticed the flurry of DIY projects.  There’s something about colder weather that makes me want to start tons of projects.  This coincides nicely with this season of gift-giving.  I’m posting a variety of projects—some are super easy and some require a little skill.  I’ll try to get a bunch up for you.

Here’s last year’s collection of DIY projects with fun toys, clothes, and beds for your pets or others.

DIY: Foxtail Toy For Dogs

diyfoxtailtoyA Foxtail toy is a ball with a nylon sock about 30 inches long sewn onto it.  It’s good for playing fetch and is easy to throw.  Saffron likes shaking the one she has.  Instructables has a tutorial on how to make your own Foxtail-type toy. You’ll need:

  • a tennis ball–an old one will work fine
  • at least 30″ of fabric (preferably lightweight nylon)
  • sewing machine
  • heavy duty thread or dental floss
  • heavy duty needle
  • possibly needle-nose pliers

The tutorial doesn’t have a template for the sock, but the dimensions should be 9 inches on one end, 2 inches on the other end, and 30 inches long.  It should taper on the center from the wide end to the narrow end.