Year End Charitable Giving

newyear1 copyThis is the time of year a lot of people make their charitable donations to meet the December 31st deadline.  Money is tight for so many including groups doing good work for animals.  If you have some to share, consider these ideas.

One of our favorites is the Morris Animal Foundation. They fund research on curing companion animal diseases, including the Canine Cancer Campaign.

You might consider:

  1. pet food banks in your community (check for them at animal rescue groups, human food banks, meal-on-wheels)
  2. local private shelters
  3. municipal or county shelters–special funds for new buildings, spay/neuter clinics, etc.
  4. pet clinics for people in need
  5. off-leash dog parks (you’d be surprised how much at off-leash parks is provided by donations—fencing, water, trashcans)

We hope 2010 is a wonderful year for you and yours!

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Best wishes to you and the furred, feathered, scaled, or finned ones with whom you share your life.  May 2010 bring your families health, harmony, and much joy.  We’re looking forward to the coming year and hope you are too!

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DIY: 3 Easy Cat Toys To Sew

If you’re not totally swamped by holiday preparations, you might have time to crank out some of these cuties for gifts.  Here are 3 easy, inexpensive, and fun cat toys to sew.

cattoymouse A mouse tutorial from atinyhouse.  You could skip the ears if you wanted.




cattoyfish copy A fish from Martha.  She made a wand type toy with them by attaching them to a pole.




cattoywrestlesausage A crackly wrestle sausage from Green Little Cat.  A plastic grocery bag provides the crackle.