DIY: 3 Easy Cat Toys To Sew

If you’re not totally swamped by holiday preparations, you might have time to crank out some of these cuties for gifts.  Here are 3 easy, inexpensive, and fun cat toys to sew.

cattoymouse A mouse tutorial from atinyhouse.  You could skip the ears if you wanted.




cattoyfish copy A fish from Martha.  She made a wand type toy with them by attaching them to a pole.




cattoywrestlesausage A crackly wrestle sausage from Green Little Cat.  A plastic grocery bag provides the crackle.





2 Replies to “DIY: 3 Easy Cat Toys To Sew”

  1. Ok, I’ve gotta try the crackly wrestle sausage (giggle) for ushki. She has a crinkly plastic fetish, but developed an allergy to it and gets swollen gums if she chews it. Maybe this will give her the crunchy sound satisfaction without the collagen lip effect!

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