What Happens When Vets Make Mistakes

Interesting and disturbing article on how little recourse you have in the U.S. if your veterinarian commits malpractice.

Bad vets may just get a slap on the hand, if that, from your state veterinarian board.  And you might be surprised what the courts consider to be the value of your pet.  According to the Animal Legal Defense Fund, your 10 yr. old mixed-breed dog is valued under $100, because they’re only considered property.  (via Animal Law Blog)

DIY: Dog Raincoat From Upcycled Jacket

Are you sensing a theme with another raincoat post?  Yes, it’s still raining here in the Pacific NW.  I never thought I’d be someone who put a raincoat on a dog, but then I noticed that if it was raining on walks, Saffron would walk next to walls in their rain shadow and she’d linger a looong time under trees.  I realized if she were a feral dog left to make her own decisions, she’d be snuggled up under a porch or bush where it was dry.  Smart dog!  The least I can do is make her more comfortable, but her old coat is too short and doesn’t protect her ears at all.

So now Saffron needs a new coat and:

  • I don’t want to spend a lot
  • I can’t find a coat I’m satisfied will help keep her ears drier
  • I want a coat made from tough, weather-proof fabric not cheap vinyl
Quilted version

I’m going to have to make it myself, so I made a trip to my favorite thrift store and found an awesome women’s stadium coat with a hood for $9.99.  With the help of this great tutorial on how to make a dog coat from a recycled jacket, I’m going to turn it into a raincoat for Saffron.  I’ll let you know how it turns out!

In the meantime, check out the tutorial which can be used on any type of recycled jacket or with yardage.  There’s a printable pattern that’s in real size so you can print out the pieces, tape them together, & adjust the size to fit your dog.  And never fear, there are excellent printable instructions, that include tips on how to adjust the pattern to fit your dog.

(The creator of the tutorial is Diana Durkes from the super cool blog, Fine Diving–New Life For the Tossed & Found. If you’re in the Chicago area, check out her sister blog, Garage Sale Warrior.)