Recognizing Good Play Behavior In Dogs

Dogs are constantly communicating with body language.  It’s helpful and fascinating when you know what it all means.  Polite play behavior can look and sound fierce.  If you understand what you’re seeing, you’ll be able to tell if you need to step in the calm things down or if everything is fine despite the sounds and teeth you’re seeing.

Being a dog & data dork myself, I could watch videos like this all them time. I spotted a number of behaviors that weren’t pointed out in the video that also tell you how the playtime is going.  What do you see happening?  Look for:

  • hip checks, where the dog swings its hip towards the other dog
  • muzzle fencing  play biting, snout jousting, where teeth are shown and muzzles are waved around, but no actual tooth contact may even place
  • most of the time is spent playing side-by-side, rather than head on, which can be more confrontational
  • the extended period of time Bentley, the Golden Retriever, spends in a down position is a form of self-handicapping so that the “fight” is fair
  • I spotted “whale-eye” from both dogs, this is the silly “I’m-bat-shit-crazy” eye-rolling they do when the whites of their eyes show
  • lots of play breaks that can last only a few second
  • blinking from Lacey the puppy to break any tension after she got too pushy

Want to learn more?  Check out this super-useful book on canine body language.

Recall: Huge Recall of Iams & Eukanuba For Cats & Dogs

Iamslogo  Eukanubalogo

Procter & Gamble has issued a massive recall in the U.S. of both Iams & Eukanuba foods for cats and for dogs due to salmonella contamination.


Salmonella can cause severe illness in cats & dogs and cross-contamination to humans is possible resulting in serious illness.


If you have affected product, stop using it and discard it. For a replacement voucher, clip the code date and the UPC from your bag and mail to the address below. Include your complete address and telephone number.

If you have multiple affected bags, they want you to include a “register receipt with the code and UPC.”  I think that’s a shitty way to do business!  Other company’s recalls haven’t required this.  Boo on Procter & Gamble—I’m not impressed!

Consumer Relations
Attn: Katie
8700 Mason-Montgomery Rd.
Box 1534
Mason, OH 45040
All replacements will be processed within 4-6 weeks. If you have further questions please contact consumer care at




Iams Dog Food:


Iams Cat Food:



DIY: Raised Dog Bowls from Vintage Suitcase

Raised bowls from suitcase

Cool upcycling! Do you remember this really popular post on making pet beds out of vintage suitcases.  Here’s a project that transforms a vintage suitcase into a raised food & water bowl station.

Redditor, reallifedog, made this for his girlfriend and very kindly posted a good tutorial.  I just love clever people!  He points out he used standard hand tools except for a welder for the legs.  Don’t have a welder?  No worries—you can buy furniture legs at hardware stores and online.

(I’m assuming reallifedog is male.  I did some snooping and found pics of his that show a guy’s hands.  Yes, I’m that thorough obsessive compulsive about researching posts.)

Have an itch to make something?  Here are a TON of posts on DIY projects and tips!