Friday Fun: Dog-O-Ween

The cutest little French Bulldog Dragon, also known as Stoli

We had a good time at Dog-O-Ween, the annual fund-raiser for our local volunteer group for off-leash parks—COLA, Citizens for Off-Leash Areas. Our Saffron doesn’t wear a costume since it would make her anxious and defensive. I never thought I’d care about dogs in costumes, but the ones who don’t care or even seem amused by it are fun to watch. And I like to show support for off-leash parks.

Here are my absolute favorites. I loved these sushi dogs! Very clever, comfortable looking, and well made costumes. Yea, sushi!  (Update: Here are some more pics of the sushi dogs.)

Maguro and Toro(tuna and fatty tuna)

Ikura (salmon roe)