Friday Fun: Dog-O-Ween

The cutest little French Bulldog Dragon, also known as Stoli

We had a good time at Dog-O-Ween, the annual fund-raiser for our local volunteer group for off-leash parks—COLA, Citizens for Off-Leash Areas. Our Saffron doesn’t wear a costume since it would make her anxious and defensive. I never thought I’d care about dogs in costumes, but the ones who don’t care or even seem amused by it are fun to watch. And I like to show support for off-leash parks.

Here are my absolute favorites. I loved these sushi dogs! Very clever, comfortable looking, and well made costumes. Yea, sushi!  (Update: Here are some more pics of the sushi dogs.)

Maguro and Toro(tuna and fatty tuna)

Ikura (salmon roe)

2 Replies to “Friday Fun: Dog-O-Ween”

  1. Hello, I am the owner of Stoli. It was nice to meet at Dog-O-Ween. I tried to email you through the blog as I had put in my phone that afternoon, but kept on getting a bounce back. I know you took several pics of Stoli. Is it possible that you could send them to me?

    Thank you very much.

  2. Thank you for your comment on my blog. I’m so happy that people liked the Shih Tzu Sushi costumes. All my hard work sawing day and night paid off!

    Wonderful site you have here. Pictures are lively and articles are very educational.


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