Adopt A Black Cat Or Dog Part II

Raven completing the window decoration after having knocked a fake raven off the windowsill

I’ve written before about reasons to adopt a black dog or adopt a black cat. And why they especially need to be adopted—they are the most overlooked in shelters.

Raven was our first reason to adopt a black cat. Crow is our second.


3 Replies to “Adopt A Black Cat Or Dog Part II”

  1. I’ve owned three black cats in my life and every one of them has been a total sweetie. My current one, Spike is the most tolerant animal I’ve ever owned. If you ask me Calico’s live up to their name of being crazy, got one of those too! She’s a nut!

  2. I totally agree! All of my black ats have been sweet babies! My current sweet baby boy Dr. Fuzz (named after our last black cat Fuzz) is Mommy’s boy! all of my black cats have been everything that is sweetness!

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