Australia’s Pets Affected By Fires


Australia is just finding out the scope of the devastation from the bushfires.  In the coming days, pets are going to need medical care, housing, food, and reuniting with their people.  You can help with a money donation to the RSPCA Victoria.

The RSPCA Victoria’s phone number is 03 9224 2222.  They can help with emergency assistance, medical care, temporary shelter, and providing emergency food.  If you’re in Australia, they are accepting donations of food, bedding, bowls, and leashes.  They are especially seeking donations of temporary fencing.  At this time, they have enough private foster homes.

If you’ve lost or found a pet, submit this form.

If you’re able to offer help, submit this form.

You can also donate to the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) who is sending volunteers. You can see their updates on their blog.

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