Catwalk, Catrun, & A Cat Enclosure!

Wow! Brad Stone created an extra special home for his adopted kitties and he documented it on his blog. Check it out—he gives some good tips on what he did.

First he created catwalks in his house to give the furred ones perches to prowl. Check out the fun video of a kitten exploring the catwalk.

Then he chiseled a hole in the outer wall of his house so his cats could use the catrun he built. Don’t miss this video of the cats checking it out for the first time.

But, Brad still wasn’t satisfied, so he built a 15ft x 24ft cat enclosure with a fenced walkway connecting it to the first catrun. Kitty heaven!


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  1. You must love your cats as I do my own!!!! This was great!! wish I lived where I could have a ” yard” for my babies!! Live in a trailer park….. LOVED IT!!!!!!

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