DIY: Cat Ladder

Our cat Raven loves the ladder we use when doing home improvement projects.  If we left it for a moment, she was always sitting at the top very pleased with herself when we came back.

Most cats like high spots and here’s a tutorial on making your cat their own ladder. The nifty thing is you could move this around your house to keep things interesting for your kitty—from a bookcase to a closet to a ledge.  I bet you could modify this design so you wouldn’t have to drill holes in your bookcase, shelf, etc.  Lean the ladder at enough of an angle, rubber caps on the feet of the ladder, long brackets with a non-slip material on them, etc.

You’ll need:

  1. some soft carpet or rug (the author used a $15 Ikea rug)
  2. 1×2 boards (measure where you want the ladder to reach and add some length so you can lean the ladder at a bit of an angle, and include the number of 5″ long rungs you’ll need for the length of the ladder)
  3. drill
  4. saw
  5. measuring tape
  6. scissors, carpet knife, utility knife for cutting carpet
  7. hot glue gun plus extra glue sticks
  8. wood screws
  9. metal brackets to secure ladder to bookcase, shelf, etc.

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