DIY: Construct A First Aid Kit

Here’s a comprehensive list of things to have in your animal First Aid Kit.  Start with the items marked with a ♥.  (Here’s a printable list for the animal First Aid Kit)

  1. ♥current pet 1st Aid manual (we like The First Aid Companion for Dogs & Cats, by Amy D. Shojai)
  2. ♥contact information for:
    1. your veterinarian
    2. emergency veterinarian
    3. area shelters
    4. ASPCA Animal Poison Control 1 (888) 426-4435
  3. ♥up-to-date weight for your pets
  4. ♥up-to-date information on your pets’ medications
  5. ♥1-2 week supply of all medications pets need
  6. ♥appropriate calming supplement
  7. ♥muzzle or strip of fabric/length of rope for DIY muzzle
  8. ♥non-stick gauze pads
  9. ♥adhesive tape
  10. ♥liquid bandage
  11. ♥self-adhering flexible bandage (Vetrap, Pet Wrap, Kling, Coban)
  12. ♥blunt tipped scissors (for trimming away fur, we like Metzenbaum scissors because they’re curved)
  13. ♥blunt tipped tweezers or hemostats (removing foreign objects)
  14. ♥rectal thermometer
  15. ♥lubricant (K-Y Jelly, Vaseline, etc. for thermometer)
  16. ♥nail clippers
  17. ♥large, clean towel
  18. ♥clean wash cloth
  19. ♥anti-septic solution (Chlorohexidine (.5%), Betadine, not rubbing alcohol)
  20. ♥sterile saline eyewash (flush wounds)
  21. ♥anti-biotic ointment
  22. ♥honey or Karo syrup (for treating shock)
  23. ♥over-the-counter medications approved by your veterinarian with notes on dosages (buffered aspirin (dogs only), Benadryl, Kaolin-Pectin, etc.)
  24. Saran Wrap (seal wounds)
  25. heavy-duty tape (duct, packing, masking, etc.)
  26. splinting material of appropriate sizes (bubble wrap, foam wrap, chopsticks, ruler, thick magazine, etc.)
  27. safety razors (for removing fur)
  28. electric trimmer (for removing fur)
  29. needle nose pliers (removing foreign objects)
  30. large, needless syringe or eye dropper (liquid medications)
  31. bulb syringe
  32. leather gloves
  33. disposable gloves
  34. cotton balls
  35. cotton swabs
  36. cold packs
  37. hot packs
  38. activated charcoal
  39. hydrogen peroxide (3%)
  40. syrup of Ipecac
  41. styptic powder (Kwik-Stop)
  42. Velveeta or Pill-Pockets for hiding pills

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