DIY: Crocheted & Felted Pet Bed

crochetbedFor those of you who crochet, here’s a pattern for a pet bed (scroll down) called Kitty Cuddles.  It’s crocheted & felted and is based on the KittyPi Bed (which is knitted & felted.)

The bed is shaped like a flat-bottomed bowl.  It’s soft and comfy, but has some structure due to the felting.  The bed looks very different before felting.

You’ll need to use a natural fiber yarn to get it to felt.  Here are a few  tutorials on felting:  this one covers both hand & machine felting, here is a printable one on machine felting, and another on hand felting.

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  1. This is great!! I have been searching for a knitting pattern for this very thing but couldn’t find one I liked. It just occurred to me yesterday crocheting might be the way to go so you sent this just in time!! Is this a pattern someone could use to make the beds and sell them, is express permission needed? Or maybe it’s something that isn’t allowed at all. I just want to make one or two to begin with for my own kitties but in the future this could be good to know. Thanks for posting this pattern!!

  2. The original forum post doesn’t have restrictions on the use of the pattern, but I don’t know that that means you can sell beds made from the pattern. You could joint and ask “Chrome Kitty” about use. If you do, please let us know what you find out!

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