DIY: Round Recycled Cardboard Cat Scratcher

I’ve always thought I should make my own cat scratchers out of the cardboard boxes we have collected.  It seems crazy to buy cardboard scratchers , because–Hello?!  You want how much for what’s basically pieces of cardboard glued together??!!  But, I also wasn’t thrilled with the prospect of hot-gluing a bazillion strips of cardboard myself.  That would seriously get in the way of reading the subtitles for the Korean dramas to which I’ve gotten addicted.

This lovely tutorial is for a round cat scratcher! You have to coil the strips of cardboard tightly and then just tape the ends.  Sweet!  I can do that and read subtitles–no problem!  You can decorate the outside edge of the scratcher too so it doesn’t look like some freaky hunk of cardboard in your living room.  It’ll look like a decorated freaky hunk of cardboard!

2 Replies to “DIY: Round Recycled Cardboard Cat Scratcher”

  1. I am going to give this a try when a new kitten moves in with us. Then maybe they will be used to it right away. I doubt my old cats will quit tearing up my couch.

  2. Diane–Our smarty-pants cat, Raven, scratches our couch to get attention. Very hard to ignore when she sees she’s not getting a response and decides to really dig in!

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