Earth Day & Our Pets

PlanetGreen has a great post on how to limit your pets’ environmental impact. (Full disclosure: PetProject was included in Planet Green’s list of Top Ten DIY Sites.)

I recommend reading the whole post to see their good suggestions and the reasons behind them, but here are some of my favorite points.

  • adopt from a shelter
  • use pet-friendly deicer on sidewalks
  • compost dog poop
  • contain your pets

Topped only perhaps by habitat destruction, cats are the biggest, baddest bird killers of all time. Even wind turbines have got nothing on them. …[D]omestic cats do have an unfair advantage. Unlike wild predators, house cats are always well fed, well rested, and in tip-top fighting shape. They’re also present in more concentrated (and rapidly increasing) numbers than say, the San Clemente Loggerhead Shrike.

There are also tons of links to articles and useful websites, so check it out!

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