Gift Ideas For Pets & People

If you don’t want to make DIY gifts and want some gift ideas for purchasing, here are some of our favorite things for pets and people.


furminator.jpg KittyKomfort dabird

mouserefill catvscat CatGettingOutOfBag

  1. Furminator
  2. Kreature Komfort Heated Bed
  3. Da Bird and the Mouse Re-Fill
  4. Cat Vs. Cat: Keeping Peace When You Have More Than One Cat
  5. Cat Getting Out Of A Bag & Other Observations



easywalkharness furminator.jpg plushleostuffie

trickytreatball caninebodylanguage.jpg dontlickthedog

  1. Easy Walk Harness
  2. Furminator
  3. Plush Leo
  4. Tricky Treat Ball
  5. Canine Body Language
  6. Don’t Lick The Dog

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