House Plant Defense

Crow \

Do you have a little stinker of a cat like our Crow who can’t leave the potting soil in house plants alone? Some cats even use plant pots as a litter box. At least Crow doesn’t do that!

I found a quick fix to keep cats out of plant pots—just put down a layer of decorative rocks. Beach glass would work too. Use something that’s too big to be attractive to dig in and isn’t round enough that it looks like a toy. The roots of the plants can still breathe and you can just lift a rock to check if the soil is dry and needs water.

If your cat has used your plants as a litter box, I recommend:

  • removing the plant and carefully washing away as much soil as possible in a bucket (don’t pour this down a drain)
  • cleaning the pot
  • replanting the plant in new soil
  • cover in a layer of rocks!

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