Pet Food Recall: Professors Seek Accurate Numbers

I’m glad to see more efforts being made to find out just how many animals have been harmed by tainted pet food. Professors Wilson Rumbeiha and Dalen Agnew of Michigan State University Diagnostic Center for Population and Animal Health are surveying veterinarians and lab workers to get accurate numbers on how many animals have been killed or sickened by contaminated pet food—including those affected before the pet food recalls began. the survey also seeks answers answers as to what specifically killed the animals. Your veterinarian can submit the survey here.

PetConnection has been taking self-reported incidents since early on and as of May 14th, they have 2,519 cats and 2,348 dogs killed (4,867 combined), with a total of 14,646 pets affected by contaminated pet food

If your pet has been affected, you should file a complaint with the FDA.

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